116 Hold onF

In all the depth of letting go, it pays to remember what’s worth holding on to. This Pueblo verse captures it oh so well. To me, it’s even simpler… We hold on to what lifts us. Hold on to what is good even if it…

What we hold on to…

115 Stillness…the awakenerF

Stillness, the great awakener…mind, body, heart and soul. Stillness slows the overactive mind racing with fear-filled stories and projected futures of “worse case scenarios”. It awakens our focus on presence and gives us the courage to let go of monkey mind. Stillness heals the overworked…

Stillness…the Great Awakener

114 metamorphosisF

There is a box in my closet bound in ribbons of woe, pages of awakening, lessons of letting go. Ink stained by tears words scattered with lies, a game of deception and masterful disguise. It rests, for now in a cocoon of dark bliss, healing…

114 Pages of Awakening



111 Teaching Vs LeadingF

Without fail, life teaches through experience. Okay, I’m game. I’m a good student. I just had no idea I would earn a doctorate degree in “Letting Go.” As a teacher, coach, mentor, even channeling a little Yoda at times, I meet students of every shape…

111 The Threshold of Letting Go


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