Hang on to your hats…we’re letting go!


Release 1If anyone had told me three years ago my most ferocious adversary went by the name of “Letting Go” and that in an unquenchable quest for more I would discover less, I would have thought they were crazy. Looking back, I DO recall one of my mentors, Peleg Top, using much the same words in a discussion.

Well, after 365 days of taking a really hard look at the experiences, relationships and meaning I want to create, I have slain the dragon of doubt and dependency and raised my glistening, sharpened sword towards awareness, articulation, allure and the grand adventures of unbridled happiness.

The recipe? Secret formula? Earth shattering wisdom?

Ease into release…and let go.

Welcome to 365 days of learning how.

For our inaugural post, let’s begin with an exercise. Completing the following writing prompt twelve times: “When I let go…” Write the sentences in your journal. Say them aloud during your commute into the city. Heck, if you’re so inclined include them in the comments below. We are all friends here. No judgement. No criticism. Only love and support. I’ll even get the ball rolling and let mine go…

1) When I let go, I create space.

2) When I let go, I create time.

3) When I let go, I create trust.

4) When I let go, I create an opening.

5) When I let go, I create vulnerability.

6) When I let go, I create weightlessness.

7) When I let go, I create courage.

8) When I let go, I create memories.

9) When I let go, I create value.

10) When I let go, I create awareness.

11) When I let go, I create adventure.

12) When I let go, I create transformation.