004 Clarity of Breath


004 Breathe2F

For anyone who has read Brené Brown’s powerful book Daring Greatly, you know who “marble jar friends” are. And if you haven’t read it, it’s time. Brené defines “marble jar friends” as those special people in our lives who continually add marbles of mutual trust, vulnerability and encouragement into a metaphorical jar of friendship. If we’re lucky enough to line several brightly colored marble jars along our shelves, the friends they represent overflow with patience, wisdom and unconditional love. One such friend and I shared a long overdue conversation about the shifting tides of our lives, the weight that pulls us under and the desires which rise to the surface. Each of us have recently embarked on an exciting new voyage across uncharted seas and have quickly learned it often comes with making very difficult choices. “What’s the secret to letting go?” I asked.

“Clarity,” she immediately breathed.

Letting go of an attachment whether an object, emotion or relationship is really simple once we are clear on what we want most. If that attachment isn’t part of reaching our destination, connecting with our desires or manifesting our dreams, then it’s time to let go.  For many, defining a clear desire can be the single most daunting task. When we want it all – the family, the career, the financial stability, the independence, our core desire can be masked under cloudy waters of practicality and predictability. We must learn to listen intently to our inner most feelings – the unspoken wishes of wonder and pleasures of purpose.

“To breathe in clarity, we must exhale what does not nourish the heart.”