010 The Allure of Distraction

010 Distraction

Distraction can either sharpen our focus or point to our desires.

If we’re lucky, it does both.

Oh tantalizing distraction…how you tease with your delicious aroma. You are unexpected melody to the dancer’s syncopated beat. You are beaming sunshine to the painter’s muted palette. You are flame to the poet’s rain of words. You pull at our focus and tempt our senses with your devilish charm. You stretch our attention away from presence, luring us away from our purpose, our calling, our life’s art for fleeting moments of decadence and pleasure.

Distraction enters our lives through doorways of email, phone calls, social media, that haunting book, that fresh creative thought, that new opportunity. These “knocks on the door” call on our clarity, our choice of presence. How much time do we give them? How much do we hold on to? When inspired by the overwhelming “out thereness” of distraction do we neglect what we already carry “in here”?

Can you identify that alluring distraction when it shows up and what desire takes over your heart? Can you simply acknowledge and say “Hello you precious, pretty thing. I see you. Right now I am focused but we will meet again in time.” Or, can you just let it go?