012 The Choice is Yours


012 Choice of ChangeLife. It’s an amazing adventure which calls on us to confront challenges, face changes and make choices. When we’re cruising comfortably along the horizon we don’t realize these detours are the momentum that drives us forward. But with each hill ahead and fork in the road, we make a choice.

The greatest novels, biographies and films infuse choice into the blood of their story. Robert McKee, author of the screenwriter’s bible Story believes “stories are metaphors for life.” Story is a synthesis of message, meaning and metamorphosis through a hero’s crisis, choices and changes. Within every challenge we find change. Literally. Just look at the word and you’ll discover it too.

Choice is easy when we believe the reward will exceed our current situation or status. It’s not really a choice then is it? A difficult choice means releasing an emotional attachment to a person, place or thing.

We choose to stay or leave.

We choose to help or encourage.

We choose to enable or let go.

When we hesitate, we hedge our bets and  inevitably delay pain. Even a choice NOT to choose is a choice. But making a conscious choice is the most liberating feeling we can experience. When the next challenge flies in your direction, and it will, ask yourself the following four questions.

Which choice will empower me?

Which choice will lighten me?

Which choice will enlighten me?

Which choice will align with my happiness?

Which choice will allow an ease of release?

Commitment to self love is the fuel for positive choice.