013 The Blindside and the Release


013 The blindsideLetting go requires consciousness – an awareness of what has attached itself to us or vice versa. If we can’t define what it is we are holding onto, then does it really exist? Or worse, do we cling to some attachment we believe is real, only to find ourselves blinded by ignorance, emotion or failure to focus.

To let go, to release the weights that bind us, we must learn to define, articulate, draw a giant red arrow directed right to it. There! That’s it! That’s the culprit anchoring my lift, strangling my voice, freezing my flame. Only then can we awaken to awareness and the blindfold flies off like a bird seeking wind. Our body becomes lighter, our voices stronger and our flame ignites into a glorious light.

One element of identifying these obstacles requires a deep trust in our intuition…those undefinable feelings that signal something is either in alignment or amiss. It’s quite a conundrum isn’t it? To trust our illusive intuition to define sometimes intangible obstacles. The good news is intuition is polar opposite to blindsightedness. It shapes the malleable. It blankets our pearls of wisdom. When we listen with forgiveness, and an open heart, without anger, resentment or expectation…our intuition always steers us home and points out what to leave behind.