015 Truth. Lies. Within.


015 truth and Perception

Truth is not a statement. It’s action.

Words, as beautiful as they can be expressed, can often be deceiving and misleading in reception and perception.

But truth, can never hide. Truth shows itself through core character traits and behaviors. A long adage with novelists and filmmakers says “show DON’T tell.” Show truth through vulnerable, daring, risky choices, because actions speak louder than words. We aren’t joyful, sorry, fearful, or fearless simply because we say so. We become those when our actions reflect that emotion…wholeheartedly.

So how does this relate to our theme of letting go? To express our truth we first must “trust” it lies within us. Yes. An interesting play of words. But in this context I mean that it rests within our quiet, intuitive reflective self. When we don’t trust ourselves and the decisions we make, we create a neediness for the external world. We diminish our self worth and settle for less than what raises us higher.

Tapping into our self trust isn’t easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. In order to find it, touch it, express it through action we first release the self critic. You know the one who says “oh you’re not smart enough, attractive enough, thin enough, young enough, creative enough.” You ARE enough! Inner truth knows that. And by pressing the mute button on the self critic we give truth a chance to truth to take action.

Today, sit for 30 minutes, in quiet meditation. Listen to your truth. Let it be heard. Then express it through a daring moment of action. Release it. Abundantly. Wild. Free.

If character is the key to trustworthiness, then truth is the door to selfworthiness.