016 Silence of Free Fall


016 FreefallingI’ve never personally leapt out of airplane from 14,000 feet, but I can imagine the initial free fall must be one of the most exhilarating moments a person can experience – a release of epic proportions under the sole influence of gravity. There is no typical sensation of “falling” as most would liken to the g-force of a roller coaster. But what free falling does bring is a deafening silence as the noise of the air rushes past increases in speed and volume with each second.

The body accelerates.

Silence deafens.

Time slows to a quicken.

These are the same exact experiences we feel ANY time we let go. Our bodies become lighter, more agile and able to accomplish more challenging feats. We let go of attachments to the senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch, smell have no effect on our momentum. And finally, with time slowing to a “quickening” we find our presence…that essential inner voice friends and loved ones hear but we always seem to be a little uncomfortable to listen to.

A successful free fall only needs one piece of critical equipment…a parachute. As we take a look at our free fall moments, what chutes do you carry on your back as you let go? Relationships? A few extra bucks in the wallet and gas in the tank? Or, do you take the ultimate moment of daring greatly and rely solely on your self worth. Share with us what that chute on your back looks like?

There is a lingering silence in the fall and it’s where we meet our worthiness.