019 A Frayed Woven Tale


019 Frayed Woven taleLetting go is an unraveling, an unwinding of the twists and turns knotting our heart strings and soul wings. A pull at that first unsightly fray can cinch tighter our fibers. Compressed. Taut. But when we’ve woven the fabric of our lives with uniform tension, and attention, the unraveling will sound a soothing release of melodic and harmonic strings.

A Frayed Woven Tale…

A lone

Afraid to fail
A frayed woven tale

Fiery tale of woe
Fairy tale to tow

Be longing for one
Belonging to none

Loss for words
Lost in worlds

Past of waste
Passed in haste

Beauty full of grace
Beautiful chase

Wholeness to toll
Holiness in soul

Agonize over pride
Again eyes open wide

One suppressed climb
Once upon a time

Always discrete
All ways complete

So full, real ease
A soulful release