020 Weathering the Storm


020 A Weathered Storm

They usually hit when when we are comfortable, unassuming and most vulnerable.

They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be a sprinkling on our windshields reminding us to clear our vision, wipe off the blinders and prepare for the road ahead. They can deluge in a blinding rain, forcing us off the road and to shelter until it passes. Or, they can hit with such devastation that they literally wipe out entire landscapes.

They force us to pay attention to what is important to carry, to protect and, what are we willing to let go.

We can’t avoid these lifestorms. They are part of the human experience. But we can decide how to weather them. Every storm is an unexpected challenge, taunting us to make choices in its wake. When a transformer blows, do we allow panic to set in or do we let go of lingering commitments that now must be put on hold due to lack of energy. When a routine medical screening reveals unwelcome results do we imagine the worst or do we let go of those stories we make up in our head. When the one thing we’ve wanted more than anything else becomes blocked by the unexpected, do we lay fault on some invisible force or do let go of blame, become resourceful and find a way around?

When a lifestorm casts itself against your path, choose the path of learning, the shelter of self love and the release of blame.

Storms clear our path, lighten our loads and prepare us for a brilliant, enlightened new day.