021 Remembering the Sevens


021 Remembering the SevensYears ago a dear colleague and mentor in the entertainment industry shared with me  a lesson from legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg. When Steven was asked what the secret is for a film to connect with a wide movie audience he answered “remember the sevens.” He went on to add…ask yourself what does a seven year old want? What does a 27 year old desire? What would connect with someone who’s 77?

Hang with me for a second and I’ll come full circle to why I mention this today.

Just yesterday, fellow writer and blogger Vikki at The View Outside graciously nominated yours truly for a “Beautiful Blogger Award.” Not only does this nomination fill my heart with gratitude, but what makes it even more special is that it comes from such a beautiful blogger in her own right. Although Vikki says she’s only been writing since 2010 her heartfelt stories and love of prose are an inspiration to hundreds of fellow writers. She’s earned dozens of awards in recognition of her talent and supports the writing community wholeheartedly.

Circling back to the topic of “remembering the sevens,” part of accepting this “virtual” award is to share seven facts about the nominee. In this case…me. Well, anyone who’s already familiar with how I interpret things, will know I don’t always follow instructions literally. So in acceptance and gratitude of this award I am instead sharing facts from my sevens.

Age 7

At 7 years old, I wanted to be a good girl.
I loved, and still love my mom dearly, but I admit I was a daddy’s girl. I wanted to make him so proud. I worked hard for good grades, didn’t cause too much of a ruckus in school, and tried my best to have my chores done on time. My dad’s smile warmed my heart and gave me the courage to believe I could do anything I wanted to do.

Age 17

At 17 years old, I wanted to be on stage.
I was on the path to take my passion for playing the piano and drums into college and beyond. My dream during the 80s…to perform on stage with Phil Collins. Actually, that isn’t 100% accurate. If I had fulfilled my wildest dream I would have married him!

Age 27
At 27 years old, I wanted to make it in Hollywood.

To be precise, I had shifted my career path from music into graphic design and illustration. The mentor I refer to at the beginning of this post came to my college to present  work from his studio and I was bit, hard! By 27 I became a Creative Director for one of the leading entertainment design studios in Los Angeles. I designing movie posters, packaging and advertising for some of the biggest entertainment campaigns in history. I also earned a masters degree in illustration and became the first graduate student at California State Fullerton to specialize in digital illustration.

Age 37
At 37 years old, I wanted to be mom.

First, I was blessed with the most loving son a mom could ever dream. So filled with love and light, my son was the perfect baby – sleeping through the night by about four weeks and happier than a clam. Fifteen months after he was born his little sister arrived – the most beautiful baby on the planet. Yeah, I know, every parent says that! Today, my daughter has grown into quite the mini-me who challenges me every day with her creative spunk and determination. She’s also taught me the fine art of negotiation.

Age 47
Today, at 47 years old, I want to be enough.
This blog, my writing and the transformations in my personal and professional life have awakened desires and choices long since dormant. I continue to learn and grow every day. I am directed to new insight and awareness along this journey called the human experience and excited to share it through my voice and art. I continue to be inspired by incredible authors and leaders including Angi Sullins, Brené Brown and Danielle LaPorte, but I’ve also recognized that each of us has meaningful story and rewarding lesson to spread. It’s time to share mine.
Welcome to my home…where I release my words and creativity from the inside out.

I am enough.

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