023 A Lesson from the Rabbit Hole


022 From the Rabbit HoleFI believe dreams are a thoroughfare to our intuitive imagination showing truths blind from our consciousness. When we give permission for our heart and mind to let go of logical, practical events and listen to our intuitive thoughts we discover our inner wisdom.

Nearly two years ago my dreams were visited by a snowy white rabbit. This wasn’t an Alice in Wonderland fixation. He had no timepiece, nor was he thumping a foot in impatience. He emerged from his den, buried in a grassy knoll, and stared at me silently with crystal blue eyes. He never spoke a word – even in my wildest dreams rabbits don’t speak – but his message came across loud and clear in the muted language of dreams. This little friend from the flower freckled hills of dreamland shared four levels to lasting and loving relationships.

1) Emotional Stimulation – This is the time and space when and where we listen with a non-judgemental mind and clean heart. We openly cry at our losses and sorrow. We share a gentle laugh, gut-busting hilarity and moments of silent humor. We even argue with fiery, unbridled passion. And with every emotional release, the relationship grows in mutuality.

2) Mental Stimulation – This is the energy and capacity to feed our intellectual buckets. When it grows silent or moves distant we express phrases like “we’ve out grown each other,” “we don’t share the same interests” and “he/she doesn’t understand me.” When we consistently drain without replenishing the well of intellect, relationships dry out and crust over with resentment. Communication is the key. Even sharing the smallest most insignificant event in our day could be the key to unlocking deep conversation.

3) Physical Stimulation – Human beings simply cannot thrive without touch. If we lost our sight, or the ability to smell, hear or taste, we would find a way to compensate with our other senses. But when our capacity for physical touch is blocked, we shut down. We become withdrawn and isolated in our own body. The longer we go without a warm embrace, a longing kiss and heightened awareness of intimacy the longer the road back becomes.

4) Spiritual Stimulation – This is the most difficult to articulate in words. Spiritual stimulation rises from the unspoken, unseen and transcends moments and miles. It’s the presence of another within ourselves. A complete, undefinable, intuitive trust and oneness with another. Most of the time we speak of this type of presence in religious context, but when we nurture it in our personal relationships it sustains us through even the darkest of times.

As we look at our inner circle of family, friends, and loved ones, consider how many levels you share. How healthy are the relationships which reciprocate one, two or three levels of connection? Have you experienced all four levels? If yes, how has that sustained over time?

When have you chosen to let go when nothing less than all four levels is worthy?