028 The Five Stages of Release (Part 3)


028 Five Stages of Release (Part 3)Release is an absence.

We’ve moved past stage one, denial, no longer reaching back to relationships, possessions and memories that once were. We’ve accepted they no longer bring the joy, meaning or rewards that once were. We’ve faced our ego’s resistance in stage two and confronted any lingering pain from poor investments of time, resources and energy. Next, we find ourselves right smack in the middle of our transformation to letting go. Brace yourself, this is often the longest part of the journey.

In stage three, we replace absence with presence.

In the wake of the release we recognize the hours, days, months once filled with its presence are now empty. Time and space become voids pulling at our intentions and memories reliving the pain, or worse sliding us even further back to denial. We must consciously practice self compassion, make courageous changes and foster vital connections. When we have adjusted our minds, bodies, hearts and souls to replacing those gaps of time and space with healthy choices and meaningful relationships we can finally tip to the other side of the transformation.

Because the absence of presence is one of the gifts of “letting go.”

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