032 The miles behind and the leap ahead


032 The Miles AheadThis past week, and for a few remaining days, I’ve chosen to close 2012 and open the door to 2013 with one of my BIGGEST adventures ever… New York City with my kids. I truly love this city. The people. The weather. The hustle and bustle of the street life. And the peace found in cozy coffee shops and family owned cafes. When I was a kid I was a little intimidated by the congestion, the pace, even the people but today I see the individual hearts of the New Yorker reflected on every corner. The lives, loves and laughs they share. Through tragedy and celebration this city has been fused tighter than anything I’ve ever experienced. And every New Yorker I have met in the past 10 days has been nothing but courteous, focused, present…even jovial. One particular cafe owner even shared a couple jokes and a little charming flirtation.

In a city this size, at this time of year, we have no choice but to let go. We release patience as we swim upstream on Time Square. We release compassion as those around us whine about the cost of a cup of coffee. We release energy as we brave the weather’s chill and miles under our feet. But what I’ve learned most about being here in this city of millions, at the busiest time of year is to share a gentle smile, open every conversation with a warm greeting, and put a few miles under your feet and live in patience and presence. Above all, I’ve found joy in listening past the pulse of the masses to hear the beautiful sound of each individual heartbeat.

In the spirit of the New York and as this glorious 2013 unfolds, pay gratitude to each and every mile you’ve courageously stepped thus far.

Take a deep, full breath, release it

and leap wholeheartedly into the New Year.