034 Our Best Intentions


034 Our Best IntentionsWithout fail, every day I am blessed, or slapped in the face, with some new perspective in letting go. It’s become something I both look forward to, and on a rare occasion, dread. Today’s windfall…intentions.

We set the best of them.

We plan schedules, forecast weather, coordinate events, even align planets. But to live an adventurous life we must be willing to tear up the plans, traverse the storms, and adjust ourselves when the planets knock themselves out of whack. This is the moment when you miss your connecting flight and lose a day at your favorite vacation destination. This is the time when you attend your favorite concert with your best friend and she deserts you moments before the show to flirt with a guy in the crew. This is the day when you schedule an excursion with the love of your life only to discover the car won’t budge.

You let go.

Sometimes we call these moments bad luck, karma or fate. But in the end they define us. They test our strength to cope with events which turn to disarray. They challenge our ability to manage our emotions in moments of crisis. They deliver invitations to adaptability and resilience. They teach us there is a choice to letting go.

When we hold onto anxiety, resentment and anger we find ourselves only filled with exhaustion, heated emotions and unfocused thoughts.

Choosing to let go means expressing creativity,

compassion and laughter.