036 Five Stages of Letting Go (Part 4)

036 Five Stages of Release (Part 4)Release is creativity.

Quieting our self critic, muting the voice of “Miss Resistance” and expressing our emotions through words, pictures and actions is, in my world, the definition of creativity. In order to fully invest ourselves into creative, entrepreneurial, and impressario endeavors we must master the art of letting go of preconceived notions, mimicry, and “not-good-enough-itus.” Symbiotically, once we pass through the first three stages of letting go – denial, pain and the absence of presence – we find that the way only out is a creative path.

In stage four, creativity builds bridges, unleashes energy and ignites voices.

When we create, we heal pain through passionate stories and poems. We paint away the blues in shades of brilliant sunshine. We saute garlic and herb crusted fears into a culinary affair. We rumba with resistance and cha cha with change. And in the end our artistic mastery shows us that our strength, resilience, love and passion is an inside job. We are then free to let go of what we may have perceived as some external source.

In Seth Godin’s latest book The Icarus Deception he says “you don’t need more activity; you have to dig deeper instead.” Digging deeper, investing in emotional labor and confronting resistance are the hallmarks of an artist. We are each artists by birthright. And when we embrace our natural creativity to heal, guide and nurture we discover there is also beauty in letting go.

When “letting go” faces vulnerability, our creative truths are born.