037 Complete. Naked. Vulnerability.


037 CompleteNakedVulnerabilityLetting go creates exposure. Facades are dropped. Relationships are no longer a shelter. Materialistic gain looses its grip. To let go we unravel bandages concealing our wounds and unveil truths hidden behind painted masks. Yes, we become completely naked and vulnerable.

Just the other day I was sharing CreatingSpace365 with a family member. This person doesn’t go online very often and certainly has no social media presence. I was asked “so everyone can see this?” “Yes.” I confirmed without hesitation or apology. There were no words of disapproval or congratulatory pats on the back. Instead her eyes met mine in disbelief and perhaps just a little bit of shock and awe. Brene Brown shares in her book The Gifts of Imperfection “When we let go of what other people think and own our story, we gain access to our worthiness.”

“I’ve gotta walk the walk if I’m gonna talk the talk.” I said.

The following day, a good friend and mentor of mine shared a personal story and how the messages I post here have helped them stay focused and committed to making a very difficult choice of letting go. “It’s all worth it,” I thought. This blog. The time and attention put into it. The investment of emotional labor. These words are my calling, my truths and what life has asked me to experience, share and inspire.

Every release connects with someone who is more in need of catching it.