040 Twelve Truths…Trust me on this one.

040 Trust meFor almost two years, I’ve worked on a writing process which helps me excavate my hidden truths, clarify my wants, increase my patience and listen to my inner voice rather than the distractions around me.

This is SUPER simple to do. If it takes more than 10 minutes of UFTAE (Uninterrupted Focused Time And Attention) then you’re thinking too much. Pick a specific time each day and use a single journal. Finish the complete sentence provided in long hand 12 times as fast as possible…no computers. Write the full sentence EVERY time…don’t just write the first part once then finish it 12 ways right below. The secret is that by writing the whole sentence you have time to process the next answer.

When fear blocks our choices, we tend to seek knowledge which may help create the trust and confidence to make serious change. But when we put trust before knowledge we take more risks and find belief in our inner worthiness. When we don’t know, we don’t trust…and when we don’t trust, we don’t test or learn to let go.

Here’s your sentence for today.

“If I can let go of ___________ I trust that ____________.”

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