041 The Might of Flight


041 Might for FlightWe don’t create strength by holding on. We may trick ourselves into believing that by tightening our grip, lifting more weight or repeated behaviors breed increased stamina, will power and protection. It’s quite the opposite.

Like the aerial dancer, her strength doesn’t come from her grip. If the cascading silks have been wrapped in proper fashion, they are designed to suspend her weight indefinitely. As long as she masters the technique to bind her limbs just right, and use her physique to counter balance she’ll perform spectacular grace and beauty for the entertainment of audiences. No the REAL strength comes when she releases her grip. The audience gasps in awe and terror. They want to believe she will catch herself in that split second of fall or fail. The aerobatic, however, knows well of her internal strength. She’s prepared many months and years for these moments in letting go. She’s committed and strong in her decision. With no fear of the fall and in artistic flair, she confidently performs the strength of her commitment.

Today, introduce yourself to your twins of inner strength

Mr. Resilient and Miss Persistent.