043 Blind Faith


043 Blind Faith“Do you trust me?” I asked a dear friend.
“Do you believe in what I see even though you cannot yet?”

Our perspective is forever flawed from the day we are born. We see reflections of ourselves reversed and often distorted. Our voice is altered by the dynamics of hearing it both from inside our head and through articulation of words projected from our throats. The sensation of feeling our bodies grows exponentially as both hand and the skin it touches meet. And when we talk to ourselves, who is it we are really talking to?

Yes, this perspective of being one, meeting the twin of “ourselves” is quite a distortion. This is why our “marble jar friends” and immediate family are so key to focusing our sights on the meaningful, worthy and wholeheartedness choices in life. This means possessing an unwavering trust. I also believe when we find the path to meet ourselves through quiet moments and creative expression we discover the joy of blind faith. You know…that gut instinct, that screaming intuition to listen, see and feel with our hearts. No fear. No apprehension. No regrets.

Blind faith is the willingness to let go of what we think we know.