044 The Five Stages of Release (Part 5)


044 Five Stages of Release (Part 5)

Release is gratitude.

In previous posts we’ve uncovered the first four stages of letting go – denial, pain, absence and creativity. In this final stage five, gratitude is the final cutting of all attachments holding our hearts, minds, body and soul.

These are the times when we sever ties to materialism to find comfort in experiences not objects. We express gratitude for the memories coated in their dust.

These are the moments of clarity as one lets go of a “job” for a long anticipated career. We share gratitude for the miles traveled along that road.

These are the days when being in our happy place means not everyone will join us. We speak our gratitude with patience, presence and possibility.

In the end, life has no reverse gear, yet gratitude is the closest thing to it. It allows us to reflect in loving, positive affirmations bringing peace and closure. It shifts our perspective to discover the door that has always been waiting for us…and the adventure just on the other side.

Gratitude is the gift we give ourselves when we commit to letting go.

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