046 The Insatiable Velocity of More


046 Insatiable Velocity of MoreThere’s a rate of speed defined only by the measurement of “insatiable.” It’s the appetite never satisfied and the mountain never plateaued. It’s the road in constant downhill. It’s the flood, the avalanche, the hurricane pounding down without apology.

It has another name. It’s called “More.”

More, and his siblings Do more, Say More, Give More, Be More are constant companions to those who have forgotten that slowing down leads to the path of peace. Most of the time, hearts racing to fill with “More” have lost sight they’re smothering their own internal fire. And like any engine running on full throttle, there comes a time when a major stall occurs and it usually hits at the worst possible moment.

After months of pulse defying acceleration, weeks running at breakneck speed, and a few days of blazing like a phoenix I too reached full saturation. I found myself sitting in an arena filled with thousands of fans to view the latest spectacle in entertainment artistry and exhaustion began to creep in. Before I knew it, I was nodding off under the boom of roaring dragons and flash of fiery cannons. First my mind shut down with an inability to focus. My body then followed with eyes fading, limbs failing and heart slowing. My body was screaming to let go – to stop reaching, spending, shouting and giving in to “More.”

I’ve learned over the past couple years NOT to resist these transitions. I’ve given myself permission to let them flow over me, to listen and unwind. I haven’t been let down yet and I trust that these moments of complete shut down always rejuvenate in the most unexpected ways.

Letting go of “More” creates an opening to RELEASE and RELIEVE!