051 The Island of Resentment


051 ResentmentUnlike fear which is short lived, occurs in the moment, and eventually loses its hold through kind and creative acts, resentment is an emotion armored with talons in full extension. The bitter irony is it takes just as much energy to maintain its grip as it does to let it go. It clings to our self value, clutches itself to our attention, and in the guise of anger or spite towards another it cloaks around our insecurity. The battle spent wrestling with this disruptive, unapologetic and thankless emotion is nothing short of self inflicted pain.

Resentment manifests and expands itself from the inside as it harbors unresolved and unexpressed emotions of betrayal and disrespect from another. Unlike anger, its effects rarely impact the person they are directed towards. Instead, it eats its own host. If left unresolved without introspection, self love and forgiveness it continues along a self debilitating downward spiral. It soon finds us cutting off communication and engorging itself into an obstacle blocking any remnants of mutuality and respect.

As we continue navigating the journey to letting go, focus a lens on the moments, relationships and lost intentions that have anchored itself to this island of resentment. Stop investing precious time which pulls us off course from our greater good and ultimate destination of fulfilled self worth and wholehearted joy.

Letting go of resentment means releasing the anchors which bind hearts to unrequited respect.