053 In Presence of Want


053 Twelve wantsFor almost two years, a very simple writing exercise has helped me excavate my hidden truths, clarify my wants, increase my patience and listen intently to my inner voice rather than the distractions abound.

This exercise is VERY simple. If it takes more than 10 minutes of UFTAE (Uninterrupted Focused Time And Attention) then stop over thinking it and just write the first thing that comes to mind….even if it’s jibberish. My advise is to pick a specific time each day and use a single journal. Complete the sentence provided below in long hand. Write the full sentence at least twelve times. Now don’t simply write the first part once then answer it 12 ways right below. By writing the ENTIRE sentence you are giving yourself enough time to process what to express next.

Week 3 January 29 – The presence of want

There is nothing more debilitating as the inability to articulate what we want. Particularly if that ultimately becomes a desire to let go. We look to our past self in search of clarity from the choices we already made. We look to our future self to imagine where our lives may take us. But it’s not until we connect with our present self can we identify what fulfills our hearts, what sustains our bodies, what stimulates our minds, what raises our spirits and what gets in the way. Presence is where we can authentically recognize the “wants” already calling to us. Reading Eckhart Tolle has helped me connect to this. Here’s a short 6 minute clip of Eckhart speaking on the topic of “presence” l hope it inspires you as much as it does me.

Here’s our writing prompt for the day:

Just for today, I want…

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