054 The Soaring Courage of Love


054 Windows of LoveLove cannot be held in our hands. It cannot be tethered down. And it can certainly never be fully articulated in words, actions or behavior.

Love is soaring straight into risk and embracing the possibility of waxen tears on our wings. Love is messy. Unpredictable. And shows up when we’re not ready and in ways we never expect demanding our constant attention.

Love has no comfort zone. It’s in constant motion, moving away from us and into the unknown. When we try to grab it, lock it down, create a protected zone strapped with safety nets of good intentions and brick walls protecting vulnerability we sabotage love’s grandest gift. Courage — the willingness to speak our truth and own what we say.

Love is pain. Once we STOP feeling that pain, we’ve lost our best chance to fall in love.

Today, be the most loving person in the room. Start by believing in yourself. Then spread that affection with ruthless compassion.

Love can only be expressed when it’s released…let go…set free.