057 The Beat of Letting Go


057? Choosing LoveIn the midst of chaos what does it take to start over?

What do we bring to the table? What do we let go? Where do we begin? Who comes with us? Why is this all necessary?

Starting over is a rebirth – a flame engulfing the phoenix – a cocoon enveloping the metamorphosis. And it always begins from within.

We must accept in our hearts, in our guts, our soul that starting over is worth while. That the untrodden path brings with it peace, love, joy, adventure…the essentials our core soul is calling for. Once we commit to worthiness, to the new beginning, we must also commit to the want. Although we may need the value and worthiness, without the calling, the desire, the essential want, we will never own each decision that lies ahead.

Starting over also means we leave “something” behind. This may mean a relationship, a home, a career or all of the above. Leaving anything behind requires gratitude and forgiveness. Be gentle with ourselves and release blame, fault or misgivings. Embrace gratitude for that which brought us to the place we are now, the wisdom learned, the love that blossomed, the homes that warmed us.

For gratitude fills us with grace.

Once we’ve recognized worthiness, committed to a new beginning and made peace with all that must be released…the real adventure begins.

Slow. Purposeful. Fully aware.


One foot in front of the other.

One decision followed by the next.

Pace. Purpose. Poise.

Along the way we make clear agreements. There is no grey area for it only pulls us in reverse gear, preventing forward momentum. We set new landmarks along the way…points of interest…areas worth exploring…goals. Undoubtedly, we will find ourselves taking a few detours…and we forgive ourselves ahead of time for them. They will also bring with them colorful stories.

Starting over requires patience, courage, inner strength, vulnerability, desire and most of all a commitment to let go. If we don’t accept those attributes, we fail before even stepping out of the gate. The upside is once we embody these basic tools of social interaction, we never lose them. They never abandon us, nor become distracted by the “New Kid on the Block.” We carry them everywhere we go.

They define us.

They serve us.

They become “Us.”

These are the gifts of letting go.