058 The Superfriends


058 Superfriends

When sorrow storms in with a shower of tears, Superfriends offer an endless supply of tissues and never say “I told you so.”

When poison emblazoneds our hearts with unabashed fire, Superfriends listen to our angry words and never interrupt.

When we’re lost in confusion and insecurity, Superfriends accept our vulnerability and never judge.

When darkness closes in with an unrelenting force, Superfriends bring companionship and never abandon.

When we’re at a loss for words and find strength in solitude, Superfriends give us space and never assume.

When the past reveals and the future conceals, Superfriends grace us with presence and never neglect our time.

When change grows overwhelmingly daunting, Superfriends remind us where our courage lives and never lets us forget.

When love fails or drifts away, Superfriends hold us tight and never let go.