061 The Great Precipice


061 On the precipiceWe all face them…these great precipices in life.

They challenge our might, test our will, provoke our desire. We stand at the top of our game, the peak of  potential, the climax of our journey and often find ourselves wanting to jump, let go, reach higher.

In celebration of these grand moments of release I would like to share a beautiful poem by the talented Himanshu Modi. If you love his words as much as I do you can find more of his poetry here.

The spider jumped and tried to cling
On to a precipice just out of its reach
A lesson to Bruce it had to teach
No vigour, nor will, did any closer bring
The cliff that eluded the spider’s fling
But it tried harder for it had to preach
Till the bruises drew blood like a leech
And it lay in death for its pursuing
Oh poor little one! If you’d only quit
And settled on a goal you could’ve achieved
No grandeur in gallantry without wit
I and the world sit here bereaved
Trying till you succeed sounds all nice
But knowing when to stop… is as highly prized