064 Embracing the Flight


064 The Souring Love of SelfOne of my greatest joys is sharing and experiencing the art of education. I equally enjoy being both student and mentor.

I’ve also been  blessed to coach some of the most brilliant creative talent in entertainment and  graphic design. I watch as soon-to-be graduating college seniors sprout their  wings and lift into their career. Those first steps outside the safety and comfort of the university are truly frightening. I remember how nervous I was to put my art and myself out into the world. Would I find work? Would I be appreciated for my individuality? Would I be able to support myself and my future family? Did my portfolio have enough pieces? Was I expressing the right messages in interviews? Does my resume say enough? How long will all this life shift take?

Yes, shifting from one place to the next can be downright terrifying. What’s even more frightening is allowing our self critic speak to our words and deafen us to the messages in our hearts. Like Icarus, we must lift our wings and bravely fly closer to the sun. When we feel ourselves weighted down we compensate, not criticize. We make new choices without giving up on the flight.

When we let go of our self critic, we soar above and beyond.