069 The Relentless Pursuit of Space


069 The pursuitDuring these past couple weeks I’ve experienced what can only be described as “The Great Purge.” The daunting task of physically, and emotionally, moving from point “A” to “B” can be one of our most challenging exercises. In my case it’s a move from BIG “A” to little “b”  and a time for committed pruning, purging and healing. As I sort through overstuffed closets, bulging boxes and technology “cruft” I’ve developed a set of criteria for choosing what stays and what goes.

The next time you’re faced with the decision of what to hold and what to let go, ask yourself these 10 questions. If you answer NO to only 2 or 3 questions, then you’re likely in good shape to hang on to it a little longer. Find the space for it. But, if you answer NO to 5 or more it’s time to break out the gardening shears and start pruning away. And if you answer NO to 8 or more, seek a superfriend for support.

1) Do you remember having this item?

2) Have you seen, smelled, tasted or in anyway touched this item in the last 12 months?

3) Does this item hold irreplaceable value to you?

4) Is this something that can be digitally stored?

5) Has a specific space been designed for its storage?

6) Does this item fuel your energy?

7) Does it represent an intention unfulfilled?

8) Has this item retained a respectable value?

9) Would this item bring more meaning to another if it was given away?

10) Do you have a specific purpose for this item in the next two years?

Prune. Purge. Heal. Create space for the good stuff to show up!