072 A Fond Adieu


072 A New HomeSo many of us are going through what I would label as a “great purge.” We’ve accepted less is actually more. We’ve recognized we can live richly through quiet moments of presence and self awareness. We are letting go of the cluttered environments, the wasted relationships and meaningless experiences in favor of articulating our creative individuality, the truth in our voice and the passion in our hearts.

For several months now I have been transforming how I choose to articulate the art of my life. Confidence comes from the truth in which I speak. Adventure shows up in the decisions I make. And resilience rides along side as I meet each new challenge head on. Part of this experience for me has been letting go of quite a bit of tangible, physical property that once held great meaning to me. Perspective changes, as it’s supposed to, so today many of the “things” that once held great meaning, still do. Just no longer for me.

Today, I waved adieu to many of the movies, projects, books and furnishings that once held fond memories and grand intentions. And it was really easy! All these “things” you see found new homes where they will be loved and appreciated. Books will adorn the shelves of artists seeking inspiration. Computer equipment will serve the needs of the budding graphic design graduate embarking on their brand new career. Desks, cabinets and chairs will bring warmth to new homes. And in return, I have been gifted with gratitude, happiness and the privilege of seeing everything finding a new loving home.

As we let go, celebrate the joy, honor the memories, blow loving wishes with each breath. And above all, embrace the new space being created right before your eyes.