073 This Sense of Wonder


073 Sound of SilenceThere’s a sound to letting go
We see it in the singing violin across vacant fields
The heartbeat of golden flickering lights
Steel tipped arrows ricochet off shields
And the stillness of hurricane nights

There’s a sight to letting go
It shows itself in the scent of lilac dreams
The blindside moments of careless curiosity
Baroque velveteen tears at the seams
And the acceleration of perpetual velocity

There’s a scent to letting go
We taste its sweetness amongst bitter brews
The fragrant aroma left behind in vacant beds

Blackened coffee singes napkins with absent clues
And the darkened kisses of silken threads

There’s a taste to letting go
It touches the breath of the wind-borne thistledown
The succulent fruit in fully ripened glow
Candied jewels rest on tears of a clown
And the crystal wings of freshly fallen snow

There’s a touch to letting go
A wonder and wisdom revealed only in release
The soft caress where true story meets fairy tale
Hearts in mutuality reach to align in peace
And the magical discovery of love’s holy grail

There’s a wonder to letting go
It lives in all our senses – first lost, then found
The truth bound in silence before words meet voice
Patience and presence meet across time unwound
And the courage to make the most beloved choice

© 2013 Cheryl Savala, All Rights Reserved.