075 Doorways to Awakenings


075 Doorways to AwakeningsHave you ever met a person who has something to say about everything? Sometimes they become self prescribed experts on whatever the conversation may spin to.

As I began this blog late last year, not only did I know was there a need to discuss the topic of letting go, I also knew that I was the voice to do it. You see, not only can I talk the talk, I AM walking the walk! And you dear reader have come along on my journey whether you realize it or not.

Since the origination of this blog, I’ve experienced moments of sorrow and loss as bonded relationships found new journeys along different paths. There have been quiet reflections of courage when I’ve opened the door to my vulnerability and spoke truths finally ready to be heard. And today, marked the end of a chapter in an evolving career transformation. Today, my office away from home that in turn became a second home was handed over to a new owner. Many have asked me how I feel. Was I sad? A year ago, perhaps I would have been. But today, after all this hard work leaning in to  the inevitability of letting go and learning that the closure of one door simply beckons another to open before us has allowed the sun to heal any wounds still left open. Sunshine has coated the travertine floors in a flood of warm butter. It’s reflected love along redwood walls and stitched home in the worn torn chairs. Yes, I have loved this home office away from home, but I too have a new door awaiting. My hand will soon turn its handle and an awakening is calling just on the other side.

Letting go is an invitation to an awakening.