086 Nourishing our Greater Good


086 OurGreaterGood Our behaviors and actions are the only quantifiable and measurable elements that define our truths. How we react to conflict, create from resistance, support fellow man, and express gratitude speak far louder than any words could ever express. The voice of our actions and the ink in our behaviors create an emotional impression through their effect on our selves, family, community and the world.

When we see our behaviors and actions not bringing us closer to our goals, strengthening our light or generating happiness each day, it’s time to tune up our soul engine and let go. It’s time to level off reactivity gauges, swap out the addictive filters and replenish the creative fuel that keeps us running in tip top shape.

Below are five questions to ask yourself if it’s time to let go of a behavior that is so longer nourishing our greater good.

1) Is the behavior an automatic and reactive response to common conditions?

2) If you deny the behavior do you experience loss, confusion or feel withdrawn?

3) When the behavior or action ends, do you seek out the next subsequent level of high?

4) Does the behavior get in the way of your time, space or energy?

5) Does the behavior yield unproductive or empty results?

If you can answer YES to three or more of these questions, it’s time to let it go. It’s time to move that C from the word reaCtive to the front position and get Creative!

It’s time to take ownership over our actions, make better choices and nourish only our greater good.