087 Releasing the Unresolvable


087 Meeting our SelvesI had the most amazing dream last night, well at least what I can remember of it. I do LOVE my dreams. Thy are painted with such vivid hues, such emotionally charged connections and so physically real. They also tend to dissolve as quickly as sugar in tea. It’s a bitter irony that what can be so beautifully imagine in our consciousness can also be so quicky absent.

In this dream, I am hovering from one location to the next as I often do – lately it’s been jaunts between Paris and England – and I come upon this woman laying on her back, still as mountain air, calm as the spring tide. She is blindingly illuminating, alluring to the eye, peaceful, content and holding an expression I can only describe as divine forgiveness. I hovered above the woman, my face to hers and silently asked her identity. “I am you,” she said, “the forgiven you.”

It was if I had just reconnected with my lifelong best friend, embraced by my soul mother, and was caressed by my most loving partner. I was complete. I let go of fragmented memories of past anger, addictive behaviors, and unresolved intentions. I saw in this reflection, my greater self as the face of love and creativity of forgiveness.

It is my greatest wish and joy that everyone is blessed with such an experience as this.

May these  empowering moments bring an awareness and a peace to letting go because guilt, shame and addiction hold no beauty to the mirror of our own forgiveness.