090 Getting Out of Our Own Way


090 Pitch and ReleaseOne of the things I am most grateful for in my life, is to live each day as an artist. Truth be told, I believe every one of us lives the life of an artist. We’ve just been conditioned to believe that artists are only those who wield a brush, cast a tune, throw clay on the wheel or bring magic to the stage. We are ALL creators. We were born from creation, for creation and will procreate to assure we continue to do so.

As a “traditional” artist, that is one who in this twenty-first century pushes pixels and paints with ink on paper, I have the distinct privilege to surround myself with like minded souls. We chat about  imagination over dolmades and souvlaki. We Dribbble design trends over espresso and pastries. And we brainstorm pathways to bond fellow artists in shared communities and global events. Yes, being an artist among artists is an elite privilege.

Just the other day I asked an extremely gifted illustrator friend of mine, Tobias White, to offer his perspective on what it’s like for an artist to “let go” of his work. “Easy,” he said. “The process is what artists hold onto” – the way we see life and reinterpret on the metaphorical canvas. Process is a combination of experience, mastery over tools, unwavering curiosity and the grit to let out our vision. Process is what we hold onto and can never really release because it lives within us. Process however eventually yields a result. “It’s easy then to let go of the results” he added, “because we know how to create it again.”

The artist knows he must empty himself out. He must get out of his own way, release his work and create the space to do it all again.