091 Signs of Detachment


091 Detachment

There are signs to letting go, to detaching what no longer serves our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. These signs surround us, penetrate our emotions and flash like neon in our minds eye. We may not always choose to recognize them, but they’re there.

• When our hearts no longer pulse with rapid anticipation and emotions are no longer fulfilled, this is a sign to let go.

• When we lack the creative energy to bring enrichment and exclusivity to the table, this is a sign to let go.

• When we lose the willingness to commit time and space, to focus without distraction or temptation to other sights and sounds, this is a sign to let go.

Whether it’s that favorite moth ridden chair, those boxes of unread books, that website that no longer connects with its audience or a relationship that drains more than it fuels…

Cast your sights to the edges of your journey for it is here you’ll discover the signs of letting go.