092 The Acception and Exception to Letting Go


092 Self LoveIn all the conversations with friends, dialogue with colleagues online and commentary posted here on Creating Space, I’ve learned to accept the inevitability of detaching ourselves from destructive behaviors, unhealthy relationships and reactive entanglements. I’ve also discovered there is one exception that trumps it all…our “self.” When we are free from the expectation of perfection, the assumption of reciprocity and the criticism of judgement, we strengthen the golden threads that bind our self to our soul. We connect our hearts to our spirit. We our synthesize our voice to our actions. We grow MORE attached to self.

Every once in awhile there comes a time to separate from our daily affairs and regulated responsibilities to fuse these bonds. This state of consciousness usually comes in the form of meditation, stillness, prayer, yoga, writing, music, or art. Other times we literally transport our physical presence to new surroundings, to the unfamiliar environment and reconnect to our familiar self through the process.

I am taking myself on such a journey for the next week – detaching from my daily commitment to this blog and embarking on an escap-ation of self awareness and oneness. Before my departure I want to share a brief quote from Janet Conner’s “Writing Down Your Soul.” May it inspire you to take moments, hours or even days of silence – in presence of self reflection – to listen…and to be heard.

The Voice isn’t trying to hide from you – it is seeking you. It knows the rich conversation that awaits you both. It knows what you need and longs to give it to you. So it stays close at hand, in your heart, your mind, your soul.