095 The Space we Call Sacred


095 SacredSpaceFor almost two years, a very simple writing exercise has helped me excavate my hidden truths, clarify my wants, increase my patience and listen intently to my inner voice rather than the distractions abound.

This exercise is VERY simple. If it takes more than 10 minutes of UFTAE (Uninterrupted Focused Time And Attention) then stop over thinking it and just write the first thing that comes to mind….even if it’s jibberish. My advise is to pick a specific time each day and use a single journal. Complete the sentence provided below in long hand. Write the full sentence at least twelve times. Now don’t simply write the first part once then answer it 12 ways right below. By writing the ENTIRE sentence you are giving yourself enough time to process what to express next.

Week 9

I believe one of the most loving gifts we give ourselves is permission to discover our quiet space…to pursue self-attunement over self-attainment…to engage inner awareness over outer knowledge. For some, this means practicing yoga. For others this may mean running 8 miles before breakfast, sketching in the park at lunch or even tinkering with the classic car rusting in the garage. Wherever you discover those perfectly quiet moments, hopefully you can also find the time and space to release for even just a few moments concerns of family, practicality of earning a living, and anxiety of knowing if you’ve made the best choices. Yes, these moments when you meet your “self” and listen to it speak until it brings about an awareness of soul unparalled by anything other. These are the minutes and hours when your fastest and greatest growth develops because it’s all happening from within.

Here’s your writing prompt for the day…

When I am in my quiet space, I discover I can let go of…