096 Facing Miss Resistance


096 Miss Resistance





What does your heart say in the resistance of letting go?
“If I let go am I surrendering to fear?”
“If I let go am I abandoning my will?”
“If I let go am I releasing what I’m not strong enough to carry?”
“If I let go am I detaching what I need most?”

We face these questions each moment a choice stands in the way of personal transformation. These “if’s” are placed in front of us to provoke our fears, challenge our will, test our strength, dare our desires. But detaching the feelings strung to the unsatisfying relationships, toxic memories, weighted possessions are the real ties which must be severed. We all know this is easier said than done. Since feelings are generated from our belief systems, we need to go deeper into “the cave.” We need to dig past the surface of action and reaction to uncover perspective, awareness and most of all unconditional self love.

In “The Five Levels of Attachment” Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. shares The more attached I am to my beliefs, the more difficult it becomes to see myself for who I am at this moment, and the less freedom I have to see life from a fresh perspective and perhaps choose a different path. When we face the work and JOY of self discovery, we find we never surrender to fear, we never abandon our will, we are never too weak to face a challenge and we never detach from that which fills our heart.

Within each question lies our quest and the joy of spiritual growth.