097 This Business of Trying


097 Cycling of Trying


I’ve grown to despise that word.

In fact, I’ve literally castrated from my vocabulary. Poor thing. It’s just three little innocent letters, but the defeat it implies brings down relationships, businesses and even countries.

Actually when we look deeper into its definition, it has no intrinsic value nor spec of positive implication. Webster’s Dictionary defines it as “to make an attempt at.” But “make” is a verb of positive creation. It’s not subjective by any other means. We either make something or we don’t. “Attempt” is synonymous with the word “effort.” Again, another word of focused and willed creation. But this business of saying we will “try to find time,” or we will “try to fix it” alludes to a preparation of failure.

How can any career, relationship, love of self grow and succeed if it’s born from “try”?


We either do, or don’t. We’re either in or out. We either hang on or release. We either fight with every bone in our body or we lay down in defeat. In Manuel Ruiz’s Fourth Agreement he reminds us to always do our best. This means some days are not as good as others, but they are always our best. He doesn’t say we should “try to do our best.”  Our best is never going to be the same from one moment to the next as it always changes over time. No it’s very clear that our best has no room for trying. Doing our best means taking action because we love it, not because we expect a reward.

No more and no less.

The world is filled with lessons in duality. Anything in between is mediocrity. Relationships, interactions and possessions left in the void and doubt between here and there waste time and energy “trying” to find balance. When we do not make a commitment to the opening or a closure of the heart, mind, body and soul there is no moving forward. There is only the pain of unrest, unwillingness and unperceived.

We must commit to forward momentum and actions of love because life simply has no reverse gear.