99) Letting Go of Disbelief


099 Letting Go of DisBeliefIn moments of deep gratitude (you know when those show up right?) that unexpected phone call from a dear friend, that near miss from a reckless driver, that big contract that finally was signed…these are the times when we sneak a glimpse into suspending disbelief. This is when we erase the expectations, paranoia or ego we’ve grown to accept as our personal law.

Becoming aware of this conditioning we experience as young as 2 years old which fuses our belief system helps us rewire what could have been irrevocably etched into our psyche.

Through the past couple years of my personal transformation, where time and relationships were misled, where materialistic goods were purged and sold, and most importantly where purpose and passion were revealed in their absence I would like to share 12 disbeliefs that I have abandoned.

I am letting go of the disbelief that…

…my greatest passion is not sustainable
…I can control the actions of others
…I am not patient, strong or resilient
…I don’t have enough time or energy
…there are no “new” ideas
…my heart has collided with an impermeable brick wall

…my value is determined by others
…my dreams are simply coincidence 
…the good ‘ol days were somehow better
…it’s better to own than to rent
…sleep is for the weak
…I’m not already enough.

What disbeliefs are you ready to pack up, ship out and let go?