100 Balance is No Act


100 The Balancing Act

WOW! That number still astounds me.
100 written posts.
154 musings from Miss Cheryl.
Nearly 200 followers and fans without engaging in any deliberate “marketing” strategy.

So yes, today is a celebration for NOT letting go of this commitment to blaze a spotlight on one of the most misunderstood and debilitating of human behaviors – attachment. In honor of this 100 post, I want to share what I believe is the single most challenging attachment to address.


In my circle of friends as I’m sure is true in all equally supportive, loving bonds, we help each other gain awareness to making healthy choices in all our relationships. These critical decisions include 1) stepping in to offer a helping hand or kind intervention, 2) stepping aside for space to create comfort and 3) stepping up to take a stand for our commitment to the relationship.

The secret?
Know the tipping point.
Know your center of balance.
Know your comfort zone.

Before going into what I believe are the pendulum swings of unhealthy, unloving, unbalanced relationships I want to clarify. I DO NOT subscribe to mediocrity. I DO NOT accept doing anything less than our best, and that means some days are better than others. That’s perfection. I DO believe that when we enter relationships where one or both have repeated extreme reactive behavior it’s never going to move towards center without a commitment to finding balance. Whether it’s creating a few hours of silence from an uncomfortable conversation, creating distinct boundaries or cutting off a relationship altogether if you’re challenged finding peace with a cousin, client, customer, colleague or even the cashier at the grocery store, below are a few points to consider to help create healthy space.

Let go of the Alaskan-sized egos
Let go of the Lilliputian-size egos
Seek balance by placing ego on the shelf and focusing on presence.

Let go of the preachful
Let go of the speechless
Seek balance through active listening and reciprocated words.

Let go of the liars
Let go of the bitter truth sayers
Seek balance through open, non-judgemental conversation.

Let go of the overachievers
Let go of the underachievers
Seek balance by separating achievement from active participation.

Let go of those with their nose to the grindstone
Let go of those with their head in the clouds
Seek balance by embracing the spontaneous dance of forward momentum.

Let go of the ungrateful
Let go of the unwillful
Seek balance through self love.

Let go of the conditional
Let go of the indiscriminate
Seek balance by setting healthy boundaries.

Let go of the over committed
Let go of the under committed
Seek balance by embracing a commitment to the relationship

Let go of the underwhelmed
Let go of the overwhelmed
Seek balance by accepting just plain “whelmed”

Let go of the kiss-assers
Let go of the kiss-and-tellers
Seek balance with a simple kiss-off.

Let go of the believers that variety is the spice of life.
Let go of the non-believers that commitment is at the heart of bliss
Seek balance by extricating gluttony from the heart.

Let go of the avoiders
Let go of the pokers
Seek balance through direct eye contact and drop the virtual languages of “likes”, “comments” and “status updates.”

Let go of the pushers who hang on to the chute
Let go of the pullers who drag at the wings
Seek balance by knowing that in order to soar, we must first fall.

Let go of the perpetual wanderers
Let go of the hoarders, collectors and “friendsters”
Seek balance by being irreplaceable.

Let go of the careful…the ones full of care but empty of soul
Let go of the careless…the ones who “could care less what others think”
Seek balance by placing care for #1 first.

Gratitude whelms and warms me today. Thank you all for being part of it.