101 It’s My Tea Party and I’ll Let Go if I Want To


101 My Tea PartyGood books inspire.
Great books inspire action.

And fantabulous books inspire knock-down, earth-shattering personal magic.

That‘s what Don Miguel Ruiz’s The Four Agreements has gifted me. Personal Magic. This book is a must read for every man, woman and child. Yes. I’ve even played the audio book for my kids on those long commutes and some of it actually sunk in and helped them cope with school yard drama.

But Don Miguel’s first book is just half the story. For those brave enough to really dig into the falsely serving belief system we create for our selves, then The Four Agreements Companion Book is a testament to the serious work.

A couple weeks ago three of my dearest friends and I took up the challenge of excavating the belief systems which were cast upon us. You know the ones…“proper young ladies wear dresses”, “boys should always lead” , “be a good girl and play by the rules”, “beauty means a flawless complexion, a waif-like body and golden hair like Rapunzel.” The four of us spent many hours sharing the toxic beliefs our family, friends and ego cast upon us. We discovered our social masks and our distorted vision of “perfection.”

It was smelly, dangerous, vulnerable, and downright dirty spelunking. But in the end, as scuffed up appearances may have been, we were free…free to release that which was not our personal truth…free to let go of what others “believed” we were. After releasing the toxic agreements, we created space for healthier choices.

Below are the four personal agreements I carried back through the looking glass.

1) I will speak, respond and lead with patience and discernment.
There will be no “off with their heads” in my story.

2) I will not take shortcuts when it comes to healthy choices for my body, mind, heart and soul.
That would simply be as “mad as a hatter.”

3) I will purge all which does not nourish my desire to inspire and lead a creatively abundant life.
“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

4) I will not give away my words, time or energy to those who choose not to reciprocate.
“The time! The time! Who’s got the time?”

Lewis Carroll so eloquently gives Alice the voice… “I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” How about you?

Are you ready to let go of the person you were yesterday and celebrate the bea-YOU-ty of today?