105 Navigating Knowhereland


105 KnowherelandThere is nothing more frightening than being lost in the world of “I Don’t Knowhereland.” Believe me, I know it well.

I didn’t know how to let go of the weight of too muchness. I didn’t know if I could let go of the practical side of ‘work’ in favor of my Art. I didn’t know if I could rise out of heartache. Even worse, I didn’t know if I could let go of needing to know! Now there’s a mind boggler.

How about starting your quest with two simple words – ‘I’ll try’?

Do any of these sound familiar? “I’ll try to clear out my closet this week.” “I’ll try to find time for my (insert your passion here) after work.” “I’ll try to stop thinking about it / him / her.”

Well, starting anything with “I’ll try” never worked for me.

In my world, “I’ll try” comes from the language of fear. It says “I’m not sure of my abilities so I’m gonna leave myself an ‘out’ and just ‘try’.” In other words, “if external conditions work in my favor, my mood is in sync, nothing else is on my plate, and I have time then I should be able get to it.” Seriously, trying gets me nowhere. It keeps me spinning in place, seeking answers, finding excuses. Trying is good at one thing and one thing only….trying!

Let’s move on to a different tactic.
(Notice I didn’t say let’s try a different tactic. I’ve already committed to a new direction.)

Next time you’re challenged with something you don’t know, say “I’ll figure it out.” This is your masculine side kicking into gear. The masculine side focuses, commits and puts words into action. By “figuring things out” our masculine side uses our strengths to become a fixer, a problem solver. And coincidentally by doing so, we also connect to our feminine side…we CREATE! Australian’s use the phrase “give it a go” which nicely balances our feminine nature to give and create with our masculine strength to get it DONE!

Are you willing to let go of needing to know and trust that you’ll figure it out? C’mon, give it a go!