106 Conversations in Letting Go

106 Conversations in Letting GoThank goodness for conversation! I mean REAL conversation not that exchange of niceties…“Hope you had a nice weekend.” “Nice to hear you had fun.” “Nice dress.” Niceties are safe. They acknowledge, compliment, and share gratitude. They are “nice” to say and even better to hear, but they are not conversation. And they don’t nourish relationships. If you seek relationships of hope building, dream catching, and courage unfolding then the conversation is about letting go

Conversations with Strangers
When the family is on vacation and you’re playing Macaulay Culkin, sans the tireiron and tarantula, it’s the perfect time to take yourself on an “Artist Date.” Visit a gallery. Go to the spa. Or just hang at the beach with a good book. It’s also a perfect time to invite a conversation with a complete stranger. Trust me, I know. I’m not sure what aura I’ve been projecting lately but these moments filled my week. Perhaps it was the curiosity of seeing me with a pen in hand feverishly creating. “Whatcha doing?” my waiter playfully quipped. “Are you in publishing?” The stunning woman in the sauna asked. In these moments, I learned the conversation begins by letting go of guarding our words in favor of practicing our voice.

Conversations with Superfriends
You know who I’m talking about. These are the friends whom we share our most vulnerable moments and craziest dreams – where our deepest doubts are unleashed and, in exchange, we let go of judgement or criticism. These are the conversations filled with the greatest of love and gratitude and must be nourished on a regular basis.

Conversations with Students
I believe we are each student and teacher. We ask for guidance from those who have walked our path and in return we share our own life’s adventures with those who seek it. These are conversations of transformation and the opportunity to question the really hard stuff. “What do you want?” “Why?” “What do you believe?” “What do you trust?” In these conversations we learn to let go of mapping out a route. Instead we offer a compass  directing towards potential and possibility.

Conversations with Loved Ones
Conversations with those whom we care for the most can be filled with an abundance of love AND the deepest of pain. Sometimes in a rush of passion we unsuccessfully lead conversations and entire relationships to places where neither is prepared. Even worse we over invest in relationships which haven’t earned the trust we so willingly and wantingly give. These are the conversations where we learn to let go of leading. We learn to slow down. Sometimes we even fall back. Most of all we pay attention to the gap and its point of no return.

Conversations with Our Self
These are the conversations which ALWAYS serve our highest good. They may occur while sitting in traffic or during long commutes. Yoga practice, meditation or any focus of the present also create these openings of awareness. And if you like to write as I do and haven’t already discovered Janet Conner’s book Writing Down Your Soul, I highly recommend it! Janet encourages readers to connect with their soul, their higher self, by blessing it with a name…Loved One, Dear One, Guiding Light…whatever feels right. I’ve named my soul “Found” because when I write to her I am lost, I seek guidance and she always finds me. Through regular conversations with our soul we learn to let go of doubt and invite a new awareness. These undoubtedly become our most powerful conversations.

In your next conversation, what will you let go?