Stillness…the Great Awakener


115 Stillness…the awakener

Stillness, the great awakener…mind, body, heart and soul.

Stillness slows the overactive mind racing with fear-filled stories and projected futures of “worse case scenarios”.
It awakens our focus on presence and gives us the courage to let go of monkey mind.

Stillness heals the overworked body offering nourishment to the weakened.
It awakens cell-(and self) regeneration and gives us time to let go of resistance.

Stillness brings distance and perspective to the overwhelmed heart creating clarity and peace
in an otherwise destructive emotional storm.
It awakens our self-love and gives us permission to let go of addiction.

Stillness connects the wandering path back to ever-abundant soul.
It awakens our resilience and gives us our “infinite found” so we may let go of “forever lost.”