Welcome friends, curious adventurers and inspired hearts.

Ever since we were toddlers we’ve ached to stand. We saw the world around us mobile, active, driven. We braced ourselves with the help of mom, dad or the nearby coffee table, built our courage, tested our boundaries. Then on one glorious day, we let go. Those first few steps were scary, awkward, frustrating…but persistence and resolve were even stronger muscles. We overcame the challenge of balance and momentum for the sake of independence. As we grew older standing becomes such an unconscious act we often forgot the conviction of our hearts that put us on our feet in the first place.

Today, I invite you to open up to vulnerability, embrace your courage and take a stand of a different feat. If you are launching a wild new direction in your career, unlocking your inner most core desires or in the middle of a one of life’s many heart wrenching transformations, grab your parachute, secure your wings, open your heart and ease into the release of letting go.