Release 1F

If Miss Cheryl were a tree she would be…in a park, surrounded by laughing children and happy hearts.
If Miss Cheryl were a fruit she would be…a pomegranate filled with hundreds of juicy nuggets in a well protected womb.
If Miss Cheryl were a fantasy creature she would be…Phoenix perpetually reborn from the ashes of transformation.
If Miss Cheryl were a painting she would be…Rubanesque in form, Caravaggesque in palette & Camille Rose Garcia in detail.
If Miss Cheryl were a film she would be…Harry Potter 7 Part 2 – faith, friendship, and love above all in the face of choice.
If Miss Cheryl were a poem she would be…written in the hearts of lovers.
If Miss Cheryl were an emotion she would be…curiosity, emblazed in allure.

In practical worlds, Miss Cheryl is a mother, artist, author and educator. This blog, the words and the artwork is the result of a life transformation from reactor to creator, from follower to leader, from collector of “stuff” to expert on the art of letting go.

Each day, Miss Cheryl shares her insight in letting go – to inspire, to enlighten, to bring joy to hearts across the globe.

You can learn more about Miss Cheryl as she “remembers her sevens.”