For almost two years, a very simple writing exercise has helped me excavate my hidden truths, clarify my wants, increase my patience and listen intently to my inner voice rather than the distractions abound. The process is VERY simple and if it takes more than 10 minutes of UFTAE (Uninterrupted Focused Time And Attention) then stop over thinking it and just write the first thing that comes to mind….even if it’s jibberish.

1. Select a brand new journal which brings warmth to your heart.

2. Pick a specific time each day to call your sacred space for writing.

3. Complete the full sentence of each lesson at least twelve times and do this in long hand.

4. Repetition makes the master.


When fear blocks our choices, we tend to seek knowledge which may help increase our confidence to make serious change. When we don’t know, we don’t trust…conversely when we don’t trust, we don’t test or learn to let go. And when we put trust before knowledge we take more risks and discover self worth in the process.

Below is your first writing prompt:

“If I let go of ____________ I trust that ______________ .”


When we stifle our emotions, we stumble, overanalyze, criticize, and ultimately cause internal suffering no doctor could ever diagnose. Being present with our feelings, on the other hand opens doors to unexpected, unpredictable and often uninvited results. Facing our emotions grants permission to release them, to become “unstuck” and let go of the binds that strangle our voice. Emotions, you see are our energy source for creativity. And creativity is our life force. When we stop feeding that fire we fall into a state of fear, shame or worse apathy. Brené Brown says “the only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity.” We must then accept dark and light emotions alike with open arms for they fuel our desires to paint with connectivity, sculpt with compassion and sing with meaning. To fault our emotions is to deny we were designed to thrive on creativity.

Here’s your writing prompt:

“When I feel stuck if I let go of ____________ I create ______________ .”


There is nothing more debilitating as the inability to articulate what we want. Particularly if that ultimately becomes a desire to let go. We look to our past self in search of clarity from the choices we already made. We look to our future self to imagine where our lives may take us. But it’s not until we connect with our present self can we identify what fulfills our hearts, what sustains our bodies, what stimulates our minds, what raises our spirits and what gets in the way. Presence is where we can authentically recognize the “wants” already calling to us. Reading Eckhart Tolle has helped me connect to this. Here’s a short 6 minute clip of Eckhart speaking on the topic of “presence” l hope it inspires you as much as it does me.

Here’s your writing prompt:

“Just for today, I want__________________.”


Love, like a seed dropped into the soil, only grows by a desire to reach the light. Brene Brown believes we “cultivate love when we allow our most vulnerable and powerful selves to be deeply seen and known.” Love is NOT something we give or get. It’s not words that are spoken or written. it’s a connection based on trust, respect and kindness. Like that seed blossoming from the cold darkness it seeks nourishment to survive. This means focusing attention on our actions and behaviors and creating mutuality of mind, body, heart and soul. Love is not simply an emotion, it’s an action that must be practiced EVERY DAY. Most importantly, in order to create healthy, loving connections with others, we must first love ourselves.

Practicing self love is by far NOT a new topic. Philosophers, psychiatrists, personal coaches have touted the value of self love for years. Viktor Frankl, in his poignant account of concentration camp experiences in the book Man’s Search for Meaning, says “Love is the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire.” The paradox is that we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.

Practicing self love begins with self awareness. By committing quiet focused time and attention, we open the door to listen to our inner voice often drowned out by daily tasks and relationships. When we let go of satisfying the needs of others, filling our days with meaningless distractions and making choices which contradict our worthiness and value, we cultivate self love. The more we let go, the more time and space we create.

Here’s your writing prompt:

“When I let go of_________ it will release time for__________.”


February has been assigned by saints and marketers as the time to express our affection towards our beloveds. But we know the calendar holds no boundary on when and how often our love is to be shared and put into action. When pain and suffering are found in the absence of love and belonging, there is but one choice to project the love we desire in return. There is also a price to be paid to articulate and feel this love. This price is the “letting go.” Letting go of our vulnerability…releasing our truths…liberating our voice.

Consider those moments when feelings of unconditional love and non-judgemental belonging have freely touched your heart. What did was released to create the space for it to enter?

Here’s your writing prompt:

“I feel love when I let go of __________.”


Life has no reverse gear. We can’t move backwards in time. We can’t take back poisonous words. We can’t retreat from change. No, life demands we continue forward, creating our future, creating the next manifestation, the next move on the chess board. Luckily, this fact of life is also exactly what helps us cope with letting go. By focusing on what’s ahead, it becomes easier to let go of what’s behind us. That very act of moving forward, is a creation, a writing of the next chapter in life.

Here’s your writing prompt:

“I am most creative when I let go of __________.”


It’s no accident that the title of this blog is “Creating Space.” I believe as natural born creators, space is the single most important creation we bring to life. Without space we become overwhelmed and overwhelming. Without space we are closed minded, closed fisted and closed hearted. Without space we become filled, yet rarely fulfilled. Space is the place between our past and our future. It is an opening and awareness of presence. Space is an invitation for joy, love and peace to find us and to create this attraction we must first release what gets most in the way.

I believe one of the most loving gifts we give ourselves is permission to discover our quiet space…to pursue self-attunement over self-attainment…to engage inner awareness over outer knowledge. For some, this means practicing yoga. For others this may mean running 8 miles before breakfast, sketching in the park at lunch or even tinkering with the classic car rusting in the garage. Wherever you discover those perfectly quiet moments, hopefully you can also find the time and space to release for even just a few moments concerns of family, practicality of earning a living, and anxiety of knowing if you’ve made the best choices. Yes, these moments when you meet your “self” and listen to it speak until it brings about an awareness of soul unparalled by anything other. These are the minutes and hours when your fastest and greatest growth develops because it’s all happening from within.

Here’s your writing prompt:

“When I create space in my life I discover I can let go of __________.”